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Another Me, LLC was established to enhance the lives of individuals by assisting with tasks that take away from your ability to spend time on the things that are most important.


Another Me, LLC comes in and makes our clients feel like they can be two places at one time. Let our Process Specialists come in and assist you with developing workflows that increase efficiency, profitability, give you a sense of ease. No more being overwhelmed with those daily tasks, overflowing inboxes, or drowning in paperwork.


Call us and let us know how our Virtual Assistants can help.  

Our Founders

ari headshot.jpg
Arion Castillo, MSIO
lisa headshot.jpg
Lisa Hairston

Process Improvement Specialist  & CEO

Another Me, LLC was founded by Arion Hairston in 2017.  Arion holds a master's degree in industrial/organizational psychology and serving others has been a passion of hers even as a small child.

Arion has worked at home health agencies, assisted living communities, and hospitals. Arion is dedicated to improving the lives of  business owners by using her expertise to improve processes and efficiency through identifying their goals and providing the support that is needed to accomplish them. 

Head Virtual Assistant 

Lisa is the Head Virtual Assistant of Another Me, LLC. She comes to us with a wide range of experience ranging from customer service to running a trucking company. Lisa takes joy in matching the perfect personal assistant with their clients and working with them as well. 


My new favorite company is Another Me, LLC. Excellent quality and amazing customer service! I will be a lifetime customer!

-Maurya C. 

Arion has been the virtual assistant for my small business for some time now, and I appreciate all of her hard work and effort! Her being able to take on the administrative duties of the business, allows me to focus on the clinical work and better serve my clients. She is highly recommended.

-Dr. Kezia Jackson

Another Me, LLC

Virtual/Personal Assistants

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